A Little Knowledge about Sachet Packs

A Little Knowledge about Sachet Packs

What are Sachet Packs?

A sachet is a small bag or packet containing material in it. It can also be called a four-side seal or flat pack. It can be of four-sided sealed packaging depending on the materials in it or of consumer choice. Its size is small. Sachet packs are widely popular in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries. They are usually used for containing powder, liquid and small particles of products. In the food industry products can be honey, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, jam, salt, oil, 3-in-1 coffee, etc. Sachet packs are also used in the medical industry, the product can be supplements or any other medicines. Sachet packs are also used in medical and cosmetic shampoos, hand creams, disinfect gels, etc.

Special Styles

The sachet pack comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes and designs. But we have special styles of sachet packs that are briefly described below:

  1. Linked bag:

The linked bag is one of the special styles in which multiple bags are connected to each other by sealed packaging. For example, All Bloom’s GH960F-5 multi-row particle four-sided sealing packaging machine produced linked bags.

  1. Twin-pack:

The second special style of sachet pack is the twin pack. These sachets are in the form of two bags connected together. They have the same outer seal packaging but inside they are separated in a way that they can keep two kinds of materials separately without materials mixing with each other.


The benefits of sachet packs are numerous. A few are given below

  • From a sachet pack, consumers can see more information about the product in it than from a stick pack. Consumers can communicate better with brands about their message, instructions and positions through the sachet pack about the product or how to use its content. As they are written on top of it and are easy to read.
  • They accommodate less space because of their small size as compared to other forms of packaging. They can accommodate more products in less capacity. They take up smaller space for storage and transport.
  • They are thinner and slender so they look exquisite. They’re compact so they can protect the contents from the elements and contamination and maintain the quality of the content as well as keep it fresh.
  • They are easy to carry. The consumer can open the package when needed. They are a handy way to provide a single serving of content in it as they are ideal for one use. They can also hang in closets and cupboards and can effortlessly be put in luggage even in pockets.

In addition, they reduce over 60% of landfill waste and a huge reduction in the greenhouse so they are also environmentally friendly.


The versatility and customization of APGMT’s multi-lane side seal options can be applied to all types of flat pouches. We offer 3-side and 4-side seal options for side-seal bags, consumers can choose according to their preferences. The consumer can also choose the incision form according to their needs from straight cutting, zigzag cutting, continuous cutting and whether to add easy tearing.


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