A little knowledge about stick-pack packaging

A little knowledge about stick-pack packaging

What is a Stick Pack?

Stick packs are narrow, Tube like pouches typically around four times longer than their width. They are small in size. There are no restrictions on fixed standard content. Customers can decide the quantity of content according to their desires. There are no restrictions on the packaged products as any type of material can be packaged in a stick pack whether the material is liquids, powders, granules, pastes, etc.

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They are slim and cylindrical and appear like a stick. There is a back seal on them. With the help of the product graphics, information can be printed on the stick packs. There are no restrictions on the width and height of the package. Customers can choose measures according to the quantity and type of material they want to fill up in them.

Special Styles

In the market, there are many styles of stick packs available but APGMT offers special styles of stick packs.

  • Linked bag:

Linked bags are one of the special styles of stick packs in which multiple bags are connected by sealed packaging.

  • Twin pack:

The second special style of stick packs is twin packs. These packs are in the form of two bags connected. They have the same outer seal but in between, they are separated in a way that can hold two kinds of materials at the same time in the same packet separately without materials mixing.

  • Special style bag:

These bags are of special shapes and they have a unique designs.

Cutting type

Stick-pack packaging is available in different varieties of cutting types such as straight cutting, zigzag cutting, round cutting and die-cut. Customers can choose the cutting type which is suitable for them.


The benefits of stick packs are numerous, some of which are described briefly below.

  1. Convenient and portable

One can conveniently carry around stick packs with them as they are not space-consuming. They are also easy to open. All you need to tear at the top of the package. Stick packs are extremely popular as they are easily portable. Because of the stock pack’s petite design, they can be easily stored in purses, pockets, lunch boxes and even in drawers. Carrying them is hassle-free.

  1. Environment-friendly packaging

Stick packs use up to 40% less material which saves packaging materials than other bags. Besides, they are recyclable and easily disposable. Thus they are environmentally friendly.

  1. Economical and efficient

The cost benefits of stick packs are significant. Stick-pack packaging simplifies the formulation process resulting in saving materials. Because of the slim, compact size of stick packs, the cartooning and secondary packaging are economical and efficient.

APMGT has been focusing on the design and manufacture of single-dose packaging machines manufacturers. According to the characteristics of stick bags, APMGT has researched a series of models of Multi-lane stick bag packaging machines for you to choose from and are more customizable.


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