All-bloom Intelligent Exhibition in March

All-bloom Intelligent Exhibition in March

all-bloom intelligent -exhibition

In March of this year, All-bloom Intelligent (APM’GT) frequently appeared in various machinery exhibitions. For example, Sino-Pack 2023 was held from March 2 to 4, and from March 10 to 12 China International Beauty Expo was held on March 9th and Guangzhou International Oral Cleaning and Care Products Exhibition (2023) was held from March 9th to 11th. All-bloom Intelligent brought a series of products with market competitiveness to the exhibition in a high-profile manner, attracting the attention of a large number of audiences.

all-bloom intelligent -exhibition

At the Beauty Expo, made a shining debut

All-bloom Intelligent (APM’GT) carried GH560BY-8 multi-lane back-sealing liquid packing machine, GH280BF-4 multi-lane back-sealing powder packing machine, GH720Y-8 multi-lane four-side sealing liquid packing machine, and single-lane special-shaped liquid packing machine to exhibit at the China International Beauty Expo. These products can meet the higher requirements of Chinese and even global customers in the field of cosmetic packaging and have the advantages of high efficiency, stability, reliability, and multi-function.

Taking the GH720Y packing machine as an example, it adopts the electrical configuration of various well-known brands and is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC in Japan, making the operation more stable and efficient. It has an automatic alarm system. If it is improperly operated or fails during the packaging process, it will automatically stop an alarm and display a fault message on the touch screen. It has a high degree of automation. Suitable for trial packs of various liquid, cream cosmetic, or skin care products.

The unique packaging style is also one of the important reasons to attract customers’ attention. This has led more and more manufacturers in the field of cosmetics to use unique shapes and materials in product packaging to attract customers. The single-lane special-shaped liquid packing machine of All-bloom Intelligent can meet this demand and can produce all kinds of unique, beautiful, and distinctive small bag packaging according to the requirements.

Appeared at Guangzhou International Oral Cleaning and Care Products Exhibition

At the Guangzhou International Oral Cleaning and Care Products Exhibition, All-bloom Intelligent (APM’GT) exhibited GH560BY-10 multi-lane back-sealing liquid packaging machine, GH560BF-4 multi-lane back-sealing powder packaging machine, GH720Y-8 multi-lane four-side sealer Liquid packaging machine and single lane side sealing liquid packaging machine. They can meet the bag packaging needs for liquid, gel, and powder oral care products such as mouthwash and toothpowder. For example, All-bloom Intelligent’s new GH560BY series packing equipment can reach a maximum packaging speed of 3000 bags per hour. While producing at high speed, it can ensure the stable and safe operation of the machine. The bags produced by the machine are not only beautiful and smooth but also have high sealing performance, which avoids the problem of bag material leakage.

All-bloom Intelligent (APM’GT) displayed new products and technologies at the exhibition, which were well received by the audience. In the future, we will continue to deepen technological innovation, strengthen the exploration of new technologies, and tap the development potential of new technologies. By introducing advanced technologies, we will improve product quality, continuously improve the scientific content of packaging equipment, and extend the service life of products. In the near future, we will follow the footsteps of China’s packaging machinery industry as a whole and will develop in the direction of automation, intelligence, environmental protection, and low energy consumption, so as to achieve more efficient production and higher quality products. In addition, we will also analyze the market demand and consider from the perspective of the production needs of enterprises in various fields to bring new target directions for the technological innovation of enterprise development, meet the different packaging needs of customers, and strive to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.


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