APM’GT participated in the Shanghai Packing Machinery Exhibition in May 2020

APM’GT participated in the Shanghai Packing Machinery Exhibition in May 2020

In May 2020, Guangzhou All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (Formerly known as Guangzhou All-bloom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. ) went to the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition brought together domestic professional high-quality manufacturers in the packaging machine industry. The exhibition area is 500,000 square meters. It consists of thirteen single large exhibition halls and three-unit small exhibition halls, which fully meet the needs of large, medium, and small exhibitions for the exhibition area.

In this exhibition, we brought the following packing equipment:
GH560BY high-yield automatic multi-lane back-sealing liquid packing machine, GH420Y high-yield automatic multi-lane four-side-seal liquid packing machine, and GH140Y basic automatic side-sealing liquid packing machine. Three packing equipment are suitable for liquid and sauce products, such as mouthwash, essence, beverages, ketchup, etc.
GH720K high-yield automatic multi-lane four-side sealing granule packing machine is suitable for the packing of fine-grained solid beverages, cold granules, fine-grained condiments, and other granular products.
GH560BF high-yield automatic multi-lane back-sealing powder packing machine is suitable for the packing of meal replacement powder, medicinal powder, flour, and other powder products.
At the same time, the exhibition also exhibited health management and rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation institutions and equipment, biotechnology and smart medical care, virtual reality medical technology, smart wearable devices, medical robots, telemedicine and big data cloud, medical equipment, home medical equipment, surgery Equipment, dental equipment, health consumer electronics, rehabilitation equipment, water purification equipment, sports health, medical beauty electronics, etc.


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