Automated Tomato Sauce Packaging Machine: Efficient and Accurate Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Automated Tomato Sauce Packaging Machine: Efficient and Accurate Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Tomato Sauce Packaging Machine

Multi-lane Tomato Sauce Packaging Machine for tomato sauce is an important device in the modern food processing industry, enabling efficient and accurate packaging through automation. In this article, we will delve into its working principle and key components to provide insights into the operation of this advanced equipment.

Working Principle:

The Multi-lane Sachet Tomato Sauce Packaging Machine for tomato sauce operates based on a series of precise steps. The basic process includes the following:

  • Automatic feeding: Tomato sauce is fed into the equipment through a configured feeding system.
  • Film conveying: Bags are formed by the film unwinding device, which delivers packaging film for subsequent bag forming.
  • Coding: During film conveying, a printer such as a ribbon printer or laser printer automatically prints production dates or batch numbers on the film.
  • Positioning: If there is a color mark on the film, a color mark sensor tracks and positions the color mark to ensure the integrity of subsequent packaging.
  • Filling: A metering filling device measures the predetermined amount of tomato sauce and injects it into the formed bags.
  • Sealing: After filling, the bags are sealed using a heat sealing device to ensure product freshness and prevent leakage.
  • Cutting: A cutting device separates continuous bags into individual packaging units.
  • Discharging: After cutting, the packaging bags are transported to the discharge port via a conveyor belt or output system for further packaging or storage.
  • Weight detection: Bags are checked for weight using a checkweigher or multi-lane checkweigher, and any bags with incorrect weights are rejected.

It is important to note that the above steps are not necessarily sequential and can occur simultaneously.

Key Components:

Multi-lane sachet ketchup packaging machine for tomato sauce consists of several key components that work together to ensure high-quality packaging. The core components include:

  • Feeding system: Responsible for conveying the tomato sauce from the production line to the packaging machine and ensuring continuous feeding.
  • Bag forming device: Uses specific mechanical structures to form empty bags from the packaging film for subsequent filling.
  • Metering filling device: Utilizes precision metering devices to inject the predetermined amount of tomato sauce into the formed bags, ensuring consistency and product quality.
  • Sealing device: The heat sealing mechanism applies heat and pressure to effectively seal the bag openings, ensuring seal integrity and leak prevention.
  • Cutting and conveying device: Cuts the completed packaging bags and transports them to the next device as required.
  • Sensors and control system: Sensors detect and monitor various parameters during the packaging process, such as temperature, pressure, and operational status. The control system utilizes sensor feedback for automated control, ensuring accuracy and stability throughout the packaging process.

Sachet ketchup packaging machine achieves efficient and accurate packaging through precise working principles and key components. Continuous innovation and enhancement of these key technical components enable it to play a crucial role in the food processing industry, providing reliable packaging solutions for food production companies. As technology advances, we can expect packaging equipment to become more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable in the future.


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