Automatic multi-lane sachet garlic powder packaging equipment

Automatic multi-lane sachet garlic powder packaging equipment

Powder Packaging Machine

As one of the hot-selling products of All-bloom intelligent equipment, the multi-lane powder packaging machine has been praised and recognized by food, health products, pharmaceuticals, and other enterprises. Powdered products such as coffee powder, sesame spore powder, tea powder, probiotic powder, nutritional powder, and meal replacement powder can be automatically packaged by this type of powder packaging machine.

Side sealing packaging Machine

This fully automatic powder packaging machine GH720F-4 is purchased by Chaozhou customers and sent abroad. And it is designed to be suitable for packaging garlic powder products. The measurement method of the packaging equipment adopts the form of the short auger with a cup, which can make the powder products with general fluidity effectively weighed and filled into the bag. The bag produced by the machine is different from our common single bag form, which is in the form of a zigzag-linked bag. Generally, a single sachet is more suitable for carrying around, and this kind of connecting bag that multiple bags that are connected, which is more convenient for consumers to use the product multiple times.

Garlic Powder Packaging Machine

Before manufacturing the machine, the sales manager of APM’GT will ask about the specific packaging requirements with the customer and confirm the feasible solution of the machine to ensure that the machine can better meet the production of the product. Finally, after the powder packaging machine is manufactured, it is necessary to use the customer’s Materials or materials with similar characteristics are tested and debugged to ensure that the machine can run accurately and smoothly, and then sent to the customer site.

Parameters of Garlic Powder Side Seal Packaging Machine GH720F-4

  • Packing speed: 15-30 bags/min/lane, 60-120 bags/min can be produced
  • Film width: 560mm
  • Equipment size: 1300*1100*1600mm
  • Equipment weight: 550kg
  • Voltage: 380V, 50/60HZ
  • Air source: 0.6MPA, 0.8m³/min

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