Don’t know how to change the liquid product weight of a multi-lane liquid packing machine?

Don’t know how to change the liquid product weight of a multi-lane liquid packing machine?

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If your company adjusts the production plan and needs to adjust the weight of the product, then you can adjust the metering device to complete the change. Multi-lane liquid packing machines  such as automatic coffee stick packaging machines can change the weight of the liquid by adjusting the peristaltic pump.

Due to the influence of various factors, after readjusting the packaging parameters, there may be a situation where the actual liquid dose filled by the machine is different from the set specification. It’s like the filling time you set, but the actual weight of the product coming out of each lane is inconsistent, which is caused by factors such as the length or position of the tube.

At this time, we need to readjust the parameters of the filling time. If the actual filling dose is too much, the filling time will be reduced, and on the contrary, the filling time will be increased. After setting the parameters, you must remember to click the “Transfer PLC” button, otherwise, the newly modified data will not be able to be transmitted to the PLC to update the system data. Finally, run the machine once to check whether the product dosage is consistent. If there is still a difference, continue to adjust the filling time until it is accurate.

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