First time using: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packing machine

First time using: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packing machine

Automatic packing machine

GH240 single-lane small packing machine is often used to make bags for powder, granules, liquid, and other products. Like the multi-lane packing machine of All-bloom packing Machinery, it can be combined with other packing equipment to form a packing production line.

When All-bloom packing Machinery successfully sent this packing equipment to the factory, your employees will not operate the machine, what should you do?

Do not be afraid! Just follow the steps below.

You need to push the single-lane packing machine to the position close to the power and air source and connect the power and air source. It should be noted here that after connecting the air source, remember to check whether the index of the barometer is normal. After the air pressure is normal, the switches of each module in the electric box can be turned on.

And when it is officially used, it is necessary to wait for the temperature to reach the preset value before proceeding to the next step. After setting the packing parameters, changing the film, and debugging the sealing, cutting, and other parts, you can start to use the single-lane packing machine and officially put it into the work of packing production.

Of course, you can also learn the operation according to the following video:

Generally, All-bloom packing machinery has already debugged the machine when the machine leaves the factory. And you can also apply for after-sales personnel to go to the factory site to teach the operator how to install and debug the single-lane packing machine.


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