Five Tips for Maintenance Multi-lane Packaging Machines

Five Tips for Maintenance Multi-lane Packaging Machines

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When your factory uses All-bloom packaging equipment to produce packaging bags for a long time, it will inevitably encounter some failures that affect production. From another point of view, when packaging equipment fails due to lack of maintenance, then it will not be able to continue to work, which will affect your production schedule and affect your income. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean and maintain All-bloom packaging equipment, which can reduce the probability of equipment failure.

So how to do it? The following will tell you 5 suggestions to help you better maintain All-bloom packaging equipment.

  • Develop a periodic maintenance plan

(1) Periodic machine inspection

According to the characteristics of the purchased All-bloom packaging equipment, make daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance plans. Due to the complexity of the packaging equipment structure, the parts and degrees checked by each periodic maintenance plan should be different. Assuming that you are using a probiotics packaging machine, after using the packaging machine every day, you should clean its feeding device, metering, and unloading device, sealing, and other mechanisms to prevent the residual probiotics powder from being affected by external factors. , affecting the use of the next day. Check the relevant parts’ wear and tear weekly and monthly to see if there is a fault or if a new one needs to be replaced.

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(2) Replace worn parts and ensure stock

According to the established maintenance plan, regularly check the use of wearing parts, and replace the parts that cannot be used. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough stock of wearing parts in the warehouse for easy replacement at any time.

(3) Lubricate the machine

According to the plan, regularly use a lubricant to lubricate all parts of All-bloom packaging equipment, which can reduce the wear and tear of parts in each part, improve its service life, and better improve the performance of the equipment.

  • Maintenance of the packaging machine is regularly performed by professional staff

Arrange professional staff to check and operate according to the packaging machine maintenance list. If people who are not familiar with the machine structure maintain and repair All-bloom packaging equipment, it is easy to damage the machine due to its lack of professionalism, and even cause safety problems.

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  • Contact with the after-sales personnel of the packaging machine manufacturer

Make sure to keep the contact information of the packaging machine manufacturer. When there is a problem with the machine, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to arrange after-sales personnel to be responsible for the relevant machine maintenance work. When you are using All-bloom packaging equipment failure, please contact your sales manager to inform the specific failure situation. At that time, the sales manager will arrange for relevant after-sales personnel to connect with you and deal with related issues.

  • Learn about the spare vulnerable parts given by the packaging machine manufacturer

When All-bloom packaging equipment arrives at your facility, you should check the type and quantity of spare consumable parts it is equipped with, and determine if you need to add other parts in case you need them. If the relevant parts are missing in later use, you can contact your sales manager to purchase them.

  • Upgrade or scrap your packaging machine

Nowadays, the speed of technological upgrading is accelerating. In the process of using All-bloom packaging equipment for a long time, you also need to upgrade or replace the equipment parts to ensure that they can operate normally. At this time, you can contact the sales manager of All-bloom to find out how the machine can be upgraded or whether to eliminate the current machine and buy new packaging equipment.

As a professional manufacturer of automatic multi-lane packaging machines, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of research and development experience and high-quality service levels. If you have doubts about whether to upgrade or scrap your packaging machine, you can contact us to discuss the specifics.


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