Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Guangzhou All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has served many food and beverage production companies and provided them with high-quality packaging solutions. Powder, granule, and liquid products such as ketchup, coffee, tea, jellies, snacks, nuts, dumplings, and rice can be packed by our multi-lane powder packaging machine, multi-lane granule packaging machine and multi-lane liquid packaging machine .

And we also provide packaging bag customization services for food and beverage factories. If you don’t know what the packaging bag of your product should look like. We will have a professional team to communicate with you in detail and give a packaging solution that matches your product positioning.

The sealing form of the bag can be made into back sealing , four-side sealing , three-side sealing , gusseted , block bottom, and triangular type. Your food and beverage packing work will run more efficiently with high-performance, easy-to-operate APM’GT packaging machines.

Our food and beverage packaging machine solutions are suitable for the following projects:

  • Bag packaging of powder products, such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder and meal replacement powder
  • Bag packaging for granular products, such as tea, bean,sugar, MSG, solid drink, snacks an d dumplings
  • Bag packaging of liquid products, such as jelly, water, juice, popsicle, ketchup, honey, milk and wine

How Was Bag Made?

You will learn how various food and beverage bags were made in this video. If you are interested in one of the machines, please contact us for details.


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