GH140BF protein powder-walnut powder packaging machine

GH140BF protein powder-walnut powder packaging machine

protein powder packaging machine

The GH140BF protein powder packaging machine purchased by a protein powder and walnut powder production company is equipped with a vacuum feeder to ensure that the process of transferring powder products to the packaging machine is carried out in a clean and airtight environment. The products produced in this way are safe and hygienic. The high-precision metering head is used to measure and fill the set product dose into the bag. The independent temperature controller controls the heat-sealing part to ensure that the sealed bag is tight and does not leak. With a special high-quality cutter, the bag is cut smooth and flat.

Walnut Powder Packing Machine

Machine parameters:

Dosage method: auger

Maximum speed: 35 packs/min (determined according to materials and other factors)

Bag type: back seal rounded corners

Air consumption: 0.8MPA 0.8m³/min


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