GH960F-6-Automatic powder packaging machine

GH960F-6-Automatic powder packaging machine

The automatic multi-lane powder packaging machine GH960F-6 is purchased by a customer who is in Foshan, Guangdong. It has been inspected by the inspection department to meet the customer’s order production requirements and factory standards and has been shipped. The packaging equipment is purchased to produce the powder products. The main packaging volume is 15 grams.

This whole set of machines is equipped with a vacuum feeding machine to realize automatic feeding without manual operation. The finished product conveyor and vacuum cleaner absorb excess dust.

After many days of intensive production, installation, and debugging, the equipment has been delivered to the customer factory and is ready for production.

Parameters and performance of GH960F-6 automatic multi-lane powder packaging equipment

Packaging parameters:

  • The size of the bag: 75*120mm
  • The packaging weight: 15g
  • The packaging material: The composite film
  • The bag type: Flat-cut and four-side sealing


  • The packaging speed of the machine can reach 120-180 packs/minute, and the multi-channel manufacturing of packaging bags at the same time greatly improves production efficiency and helps the factory achieve high output goals.
  • Using Siemens touch screen and PLC, Panasonic servo motor, Schneider sensor, relay. With multiple famous brand configurations, the machine runs more stably and safely.
  • The configured powder head can be moved back and forth for easy disassembly and cleaning.


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