Granular packaging machines help companies modernize their packaging processes

Granular packaging machines help companies modernize their packaging processes

The market has paid particular attention to the automatic granule packaging machine since it was introduced. The granule packaging machine proves that the packaging process has been modernized to a great extent. These machines are designed to package granular products such as soybeans, sugar, tea, rice, grains, seeds, pasta, nuts, biscuits and frozen foods. And its use is not limited to food, but can also be packaged into screws or plastic materials. The automatic granule packaging machine has advanced quickly and attained its pinnacle with the advancement of science and technology. The automatic granule packing machine is the most popular high-end piece of equipment in the packaging sector, therefore it naturally has exceptional technological abilities.

APMGT is a leading manufacturer of automatic packaging machines and has many years of experience in granule packaging machines. They have multi-lane granule stick packaging machines,multi-lane granule sachet packaging machines, granule VFFS packaging machines, and other machines. All bloom machines are developed with advanced technology and meet the needs of different types of customers.

It is usually used for stick packs of granular products, such as peanuts, nuts, coffee beans, etc. Its maximum film width is 840mm, including 1-18 lanes. It has High flexibility and adjustable packaging length for different types of products. It is easy to operate with a PLC system. The packaging machine can be used very conveniently, and the packaging parameters and packaging process can be easily adjusted on the touch screen with the help of a PLC system.  In addition, as compared to a standard manual method, this system can boost product rates while reducing production time.

PLC is an industrial computer control system that controls different electro-mechanical processes and it continuously monitors the state of input devices. It is also known as a Programmable Logic Controller.

Multi-lane granule sachet packaging machine

It is usually used for side seal packaging of granular products. Its maximum film width can be 1200mm, including 1-16 lanes. It can be packaged in 4-sided or 3-sided sealed bags. A sensitive weight sensor ensures that the prescribed dose is packaged, thereby reducing material waste. The resulting bags are also particularly suitable for packaging and storing specific products. They have excellent Sealing. It offers a high rate of production and great consistency.

Granule VFFS packaging machine

This machine is especially suitable for large-volume or large-grain products such as pasta, nuts, chips and rice. It can make a Pillow bag, gusseted bag, block bottom, and 4 side seal bags. The VFFS packaging machine is fully automatic. Continuous production can be maintained by meeting high-volume demands through a servo-controlled system. Moreover, the maintenance and cleaning of the packaging machine are very easy, so the running cost is relatively low.

Why choose APMGT

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