How much is the packing machine?

How much is the packing machine?

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Summary: Do you want to how much the packaging machine costs? Firstly, you need to provide the specific details of your project in order to get an accurate machine quote.

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There is no standard answer to this question. Packaging machinery is tailored to customer requirements. So you want to get standard pricing, which is generally impractical. Packaging machine pricing depends largely on your unique needs,such as the packaged product, the packaged speed, bag style, bag size, your other special requirements, and the lead time of the packaging machine. Generally, the more complex the packaging process, customized, or the faster the packaging speed, the more you will pay for the packaging machine.

Generally, before asking for a quotation for a packaging machine, you need to answer the following questions to get a more accurate machine quotation and professional advice.

packaging machine
  1. What is the product you want to pack?

The packaged product can determine the basic type of packaging machine. According to the type of material, our fully automatic packaging machines are divided into three categories: automatic powder packaging machines, automatic granule packaging machines, and automatic liquid packaging machines.

  • What are your product specifications and features?

Packaging machinery is customized according to your product specifications and characteristics, such as the characteristics and size of materials that determine the different feeding methods. Due to the different characteristics of powder products, the size and appearance of granular products, and the fluidity of liquid products, the selection of feeding equipment will also be different.

So please tell us the specifications of the product in advance:

Powder: weight/volume, viscosity, fluidity, etc.

Granules: weight/volume, whether the product is viscous, dry, fresh or frozen, etc.

Liquids: weight/volume, viscosity/fluidity, particle presence, etc.

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3. Do you wish to use prefabricated bags or packaging films?
This determines whether you buy a bag-feeding automatic packaging machine or a bag-making packaging machine. The bag-feeding automatic packaging machine uses the manipulator to take, open, fill and seal the prefabricated bags. And at the same time complete the functions of filling and coding under the control of the microcomputer, to realize the automatic packaging of the prefabricated bags.
The bag-making packaging machine is automatic packaging equipment that makes the packaging film into bags, and automatically completes the functions of measuring, filling, coding, cutting, etc. The packaging materials are usually plastic composite films, aluminum-platinum composite films, paper bag composite films, etc.
4. What is the style of your bag?
Bag types include:
Side sealing bag:  four-side sealing and three-side sealing;
Back-sealed bag: a bag with a middle-sealed edge on the back; a packaging bag with side sealing on the backside;
Irregular shaped bags: packaging bags of various shapes specially made for the purpose;
Double continuous bag: a packaging bag with a dividing line in the middle, which can be torn and divided into two bags, and the left and right bags are filled with the same product or different products;
Pillow bag: gusseted or block bottom bags;
Triangular bag: a packaging bag in the shape of a triangle
Prefabricated bags: bags that have been made into bags
The cutting type includes straight cutting, zigzag cutting, round cutting, die-cut or continuous cutting, and whether to add easy-tear, etc.
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5. What is the size of your bag?
The size of the bag determines the film width and film thickness, then determines the recommended packaging machine model and the machine height.
6. What is the required packing speed?
How much output do you need per day or hour to meet your production goals? This will decide whether to recommend a single-line or multi-line model to you, as well as the packaging speed of the post-commissioning machine, etc. But generally the faster speed, the higher cost. And the packaging machine speed you require depends a lot on the product, the factory environment, the type of bag, the skill of the operator, and the cost you are willing to put in.
7. Are there any other specific requirements?
Specific requirements will also increase the cost of custom machines and determine the design of packaging machines, such as: Does the product need to be heated and agitated? Need to add additional functionality? Is there height or space restrictions? Do you need additional equipment? Does the country have regulatory requirements?


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