How to adjust the cutter?

How to adjust the cutter?


In the previous article “How should the bag length of the packing machine be adjusted?“, we learned the basic operation of the GH240 packaging machine to adjust the bag length parameters. But this does not mean that the bag length has been adjusted. Because the cutter position of the machine is still in the previous state at this time. It will cause the length of the final cut bag to be correct, but the cutting position is wrong. So, how to adjust the position of the cutter according to the specified bag length? In this article, your questions will be answered.

The operation steps to adjust the cutter position are as follows:

1. After setting the parameters of the bag, operate a manual pull film to determine the center position of the bag’s horizontal seal.

2. Loosen the fixing screws of the left and right cutters respectively, move the cutter to the correct position, and then tighten the screws to fix the cutter.

3. Close the cutter and check whether the position of the cutter is accurate. Make sure it is at the center point of the horizontal seal of the bag.

4. Finally, run the machine to confirm whether the bag is cut correctly. If there is still an error, continue to adjust the position of the cutter until it is correct.

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