How to adjust the powder product weight of GH240 powder packing machine?

How to adjust the powder product weight of GH240 powder packing machine?

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In the article “How to adjust the dose on a single-lane liquid packaging machine?” , we learned that adjusting the liquid weight, you can directly adjusts the metering device . So what should we do if we want to change the dosage of powder products? In fact, the operation is very simple, we only need to adjust the relevant packaging parameters on the screen.

First, enter the parameter interface and adjust the filling weight parameter on the screen. The specific parameters are determined by the specific production specifications. That is, how much weight we want to pack, and the filling weight is set to the weight.

Then, start the machine to make bags, and check how much the weight of the finished bags actually produced differs from the required specifications. Suppose we need to pack 5g of powder product, but the actual weight differs by 1g. At this time, you can adjust the “weight compensation” parameter on the screen. If the actual packaging weight is less, the weight compensation will increase the weight parameter, otherwise, the weight compensation will decrease the weight parameter.

After the adjustment is complete, continue to run the machine and check the weight of the finished bag. If it is still wrong, continue to adjust the relevant parameters until the weight reaches the required specification.

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