How to choose a coffee packaging machine

How to choose a coffee packaging machine

Coffee is a popular drink made from roasted Coffee beans. It contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid. People drink coffee to relieve mental and physical fatigue and to increase mental alertness. Coffee is also used to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, dementia, and a variety of other ailments. Drinking caffeinated coffee throughout the day appears to improve alertness and learning ability. Caffeine can also enhance the clarity of thought after a lack of sleep. Even one cup of caffeinated coffee can help you feel less tired and more attentive.

We can generally divide coffee packaging machines into the following 3 types

1.Coffee stick packaging machine
2.Coffee sachet packaging machine
3.Big volume coffee packaging machine

The stick packs are often used for single-serving coffee. Mostly instant coffee is packed through this machine.

This type of packaging machine can be used for packaging types of stick packs. You can choose cutting types such as flat, serrated, rounded, and profiled. The packaging speed depends not only on product characteristics but also on how many lanes you need to meet your production needs.


All-bloom packing machinery can manufacture 1 to 18 lanes of coffee bar packaging. And the maximum speed can be about 40 cuts per minute (Max.40 cycles/min). You can choose a multi-lane powder packaging machine or a multi-lane granule packaging machine according to your product characteristics.

Sachet packs are usually small packages used for single-drink purposes. This type of packaging machine can be used to pack three-sided or four-sided sealed coffee bags, and an easy tearing opening can be added to the bag to facilitate consumers to tearing the bag.

All-bloom packing machinery coffee seal packing machines can do 1-16 lanes. In use, a large roll of packaging film is cut across multiple lanes of the packaging machine. The product is then filled and finally sealed and cut off. It can also be equipped with a coding machine, bag making, and print the production date and production batch number.

Big volume coffee packaging machine

The coffee Form fill seal packaging machines (VFFS) are used when you need to pack large quantities of product.
It operates in roughly the same way as a Coffee stick packaging machine and a Coffee sachet packaging machine, except that these machines only have a simple one-lane, and the packaging speed will be relatively slow.

When you need Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) options, including nitrogen filling, valves, and more, this type of machine is your best bet.

Coffee Form fill seal packaging machines can produce a variety of bag styles. The most popular in the coffee industry are Pillow bags, Block bottom bags, 4 Side seal bags, bag-in bags styles, and many more. The most important thing is that the Coffee stick packaging machine and Coffee sachet packaging machine can form a packing line with VFFS for small bags sealed in large outer packs. All-bloom packing machinery provides this packaging solution.

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