How to choose a good single-dose packaging machine manufacturer

How to choose a good single-dose packaging machine manufacturer

The market for single-dose packaging machines can be irresistible with multiple brands offering machines with different qualities. The only difference is a slightly different quotation. The purchase of a new packaging machine involves an investment not only financially but also in time and energy. Optimising the automation of the stick bag packaging machine or flat sachet packaging machine can improve profits, efficiency and increase production resulting in the growth of the business.

Thus, it is a strategic decision. It is recommended to make a good analysis and comparison between different packaging machinery manufacturers to be convinced.

How to choose

These are the five factors that can make a packaging manufacturer top-notch.

  1. Experience and expertise

The experience of the manufacturer plays a key role. As a manufacturer with a long experience known about all the development of packaging machines and can provide you guarantee. With a long experience in the type of packaging machine covers multiple fields or focuses on one field. Its knowledge is extensive and entirely specific in the field.

APMGT was founded in 2002 and has more than 20 years of experience in professional testing equipment and a strong technical force. They are a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. They focused on the development and manufacturing of single-dose packaging machines. Among their packaging machines, the multi-column packaging machine is the most powerful. Their other machines are single-dose packaging machines or multi-lane packaging machines.

  1. Industry knowledge

A supplier who knows the demands of the industry as much as you do will not only give you confidence in your choice of the single-dose packaging machine. He also ensures that the machinery is designed to meet strict safety, control and sterilisation protocols. Knowledge of the sector is important as it is not the same to package oil, powder or chips etc, in the same way.

APMGT has long provided excellent packaging solutions for food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, healthcare products and other industries. We ensure that the design and manufacturer of the machine meet safety and hygiene.

  1. Tailor-made flexible machines

A single-dose packaging machine must adapt to the complex reality of business matched with production needs, and product features.

APMGT can customise suitable packaging machines according to the customer’s preferences.

  1. Detailed research project

The purchasing of a high-level packaging machine triggers a series of changes that must be properly quantified and researched in depth in each case:

  • an increase in production
  • improvement in efficiency, speed, accuracy and reliability
  • reduction of downtime
  • savings in material, energy consumption and maintenance


In the case of a first-time industrial packaging machine, the study will serve as a viability study and will also help in production planning and forecasting. However, if it is an equipment upgrade or replacement, then it becomes a direct comparison with the current performance of the production line.

Not having this information means not understanding the improvements that adding a first-level industrial packaging machine to the production plant, and therefore remaining in a very superficial phase of the assessment.

  1. Professional and efficient after-sale service

It is as necessary to choose the right single-dose packaging machinery as it is to have professional and efficient customer service. APMGT has professionally trained personnel for after-sale service who will teach you how to use the machine.

We trained him to be autonomous in the use, make the necessary adjustments or have free access to perform his maintenance. The parts of the machine are also reliable and durable and universal components that in case of replacement can be managed directly by the customer.

Now that you know the factors of choosing the best single-dose packaging machinery supplier, we encourage you to narrow down your search and add APMGT to your selection. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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