How to choose a sugar packaging machine

How to choose a sugar packaging machine

Sugar packaging machines are used in industries like food and beverages, and others to pack the sugar processed into bags or pouches of different sizes. These machines preserve the quality of the sugar produced or manufactured so that it remains safe to use over time. Sugar packaging machines also help ensure that the sugar products that have been packaged stay in good condition and do not get contaminated by any foreign elements over time because they prevent contamination and provide maximum protection to ensure that no adverse effects occur concerning their quality during and after usage.

Sugar Packaging Machine - What Is It And Why Should You Use One

Packaging machines are a great way to keep the warehouse clean. Packaging machines can be used to pack various items. The sugar packaging machine is one of the virtual machines in the packaging machine industry. We can generally divide them into the following three types:

Sugar stick packaging machine

These machines are commonly known as stick packers. Generally, the packaging material is sealed into a stick form, and sugar is filled into the bag at the same time, and then the packaging material is sealed and cut to become the final product. Dozens of packs can be produced in one minute.The operator must ensure that the wrapping material is fed correctly. Otherwise, an insufficient number of packages will be produced.

Sugar stick packaging machines it designs have 1-18 lanes and a maximum film width of 840mm, which can meet the high-efficiency packaging needs of enterprises. APM’GT has a long history of manufacturing multi-lane stick pack packaging machines.

Sugar sachet packaging machine

Choosing the best package for your product is key to having a successful outcome. High-quality materials to keep your food fresher longer are a great way to compete in the marketplace. This includes your packaging as well. Sugar sachets are an excellent way to store granulated sugar, powdered sugar, or confectioner’s sugars because they provide airtight protection from moisture, pests, contamination, and tampering while keeping the product fresh.

The APM’GT Sugar Sachet Packaging Machine seals sachets on four or three sides, is highly automated, and the setup is user-friendly. Its machine models have one to sixteen production lanes with a maximum film width of 1200mm.

Big volume sugar packaging machine

The large metering sugar packer is often used for packaging 1kg, half, or 3kg of sugar. Different dosing systems can be selected for different sugar shapes. With the Multi heads combination weigher, sugar cubes can be packaged, while powdered sugar can be packaged with an auger system vertical packaging machine. There are a few apparent differences between this kind of machine, the sugar bar packaging machine, and the sugar side sealing machine mentioned above: they are single-lane machines that can pack a lot of sugar. There are restrictions on size and shape for each type of machine.

Suppose you are planning to enter the sugar packaging business, or your current business is sugar packaging, having been in the packaging business for many years. In that case, APM’GT has long experience packaging sugar products. All of our packaging machines undergo regular tests and inspections to verify their performance and meet the specific needs of our customers. Unique versions of all of the machines above are available upon specific request. Please let us know what you need!


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