How to determine which type of liquid packaging machine is suitable for your product?

How to determine which type of liquid packaging machine is suitable for your product?

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When you decide to choose All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(APM’GT) as your packaging machine equipment supplier, please let us know the characteristics of the liquid products you need to pack. This includes the following four factors:

1.Viscosity of liquid

Whether your product is juice, shampoo, cream, sauce, or other liquid, its viscosity is an important factor to consider when choosing a packaging machine. Because it affects the speed at which the liquid product is transported through the straw to the packaging machine, which in turn affects the speed of packaging. At the same time, the viscosity of the liquid also determines the measurement method of the packaging machine. When packaging liquid products, this will determine your choice of piston pump, peristaltic pump, ceramic pump, or rotary pump for material metering and filling. It must provide enough force to push the flow of the liquid and ensure that the liquid can be accurately measured for correct packaging. Depending on the viscosity of the product, different filling methods have different effects on different products.

liquid packaging machine

What exactly is viscosity?

It is an important property of fluids and refers to the resistance of the fluid to flow. It describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. A higher viscosity, more viscous liquid will move more slowly, because it is difficult to flow. Less viscous, thinner liquids have less internal friction and flow more smoothly. For example, oil has a higher viscosity, so it does not flow easily; while water has a lower viscosity, so it flows easily. In any case, if packaging equipment is used at the wrong viscosity level, it can severely impact productivity and be more likely to fail.

2. Liquid properties

In addition to viscosity, you need to have a good understanding of other aspects of liquid products. These include special properties such as whether it is corrosive. If the product is corrosive, the packaging machine must be made of corrosion-resistant materials. Otherwise, the machine is particularly vulnerable to damage during production. This will lead to frequent failures, multiple subsequent maintenance, and excessive maintenances costs. In short, different types of packaging machines are suitable for different types of products according to their purpose and characteristics.

3. Liquid filling temperature

Viscosity is closely related to changes in temperature. Generally at normal temperature and pressure, when the temperature changes by 1 °C, the viscosity of the melt will change by several percent to tens of percent. The viscosity of a liquid decreases with increasing temperature and increases with increasing pressure. That said, most liquid products flow more easily when heated. Please provide the correct filling temperature to ensure your product is packaged correctly.

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The temperature of filling liquid products is critical to the packaging process, and we will propose the most efficient and high-quality liquid packaging solutions according to your needs. For example, if the liquid is easy to cool, then we can add a heating and stirring function to the hopper of the packaging machine.
4. Whether there are particles
If your liquid product contains particles, for example, some dressings or sauces, juices may contain grains, spices, vegetable chunks, or other particles. Then you need to take into account that the particles may settle to the bottom before filling, or they may be suspended in the fluid. Therefore, it is very necessary to accurately measure and describe the average size of these particles and their characteristics, which also affects the way liquid packaging machines are unloaded. If the particles are large, they may block the fluid flow rate or jam in the nozzle, resulting in inconsistent fill weights. The presence of particles will determine which liquid packaging machine model you need to buy. This allows for more accurate and unobstructed pack filling.
You can visit our product center to learn more about the types of the liquid packaging machine.

But choosing the right packaging machine is a case-by-case analysis to ensure the best packaging solution is found. If you have any questions about your packaging needs, please feel free to contact the staff of All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. for assistance.


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