How to install a auger filler operation system?

How to install a auger filler operation system?

The auger filler operation system is typically used for metering and filling bulk materials, such as powdered or granular materials. It conveys and fills the material from the container into the bag by auger. Metering and filling products with a auger filler operation system is a simple and cost-effective solution for dosing packaging. The auger filler operation system works precisely and is easy to clean. Furthermore, converting a metering unit to another size for a new product is easy and fast.

When you get a auger filler operation system, how do you install it?

Secure the main engine to the packaging machine

Place the main engine of the auger filler operation system on the multi-lane powder packing machine of APMGT

align the support column with the screw holes on the multi-lane powder packing machine, and tighten the screws to fix the main engine header. Note that before fixing, the filling outlet should be aligned with the former of the packing machine. The filling outlet and the center of the former are in the same position to ensure accurate blanking.

Install the material box and the helical components

Generally, the material box has been installed when it leaves the factory. So at this time, we just need to install the helical components .

The normal installation sequence is: mixer – auger – material box – material cup – net hood. First loosen the fastening bolts on the lifting column, turn the main engine header to one side, then put the helical components into the former, and the main engine header returns to its original position. Then put the top of the auger into the slot of the filling rod in the material box, and use the clamp to clamp the material cup in the material box. If the cup is equipped with a stanch valve, then we need to install the mixer and material box first, and then install the auger. The installation order is: the mixer – the material box – the auger – the material cup – the net hood.

Finally, adjust the height of the lifting column through the lifting crank, so that the filling outlet can reach the specified position of the former.
Assuming that after the helical components is put into the former, the main engine header cannot be returned to its original position, then you need to remove the net hood first, put the auger down a little, or adjust the height of the main engine header so that the main engine header can return to its original position.
The successful installation of the auger filler operation system is the first step, and you also need to debug it according to your own products to achieve more accurate metering and filling. In the next article, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (APM’GT) will teach you how to debug the filling and unloading device of the powder packing machine, so stay tuned! If you want to inquire about APMGT’s multi-lane powder packaging machine, please contact us.


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