How to maintain and replace the peristaltic pump of the multi-lane liquid packing machine?

How to maintain and replace the peristaltic pump of the multi-lane liquid packing machine?

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In the previous article How to adjust the powder product weight of GH240 powder packing machine?“,  we learned how to adjust the “weight compensation” to change the weight of powder products. In this article, we will learn how to maintain and replace the peristaltic pump on a multi-lane liquid packing machine

Peristaltic pumps are often used to transport liquids for machines. Except for the inside of the peristaltic pump tube, liquid products do not touch other parts of the pump. So the process of transporting products is hygienic and safe. Peristaltic pumps are easy to use and maintain without special training. The peristaltic pump has fewer parts than other pumps, which can effectively reduce the maintenance service required for wearing pieces. The maintenance of this type of pump is quick and easy, including daily maintenance operations such as lubrication or replacement of the peristaltic pump. Regular maintenance can be effective Reduce business maintenance costs.

Routine maintenance of the peristaltic pump

To prolong the service life of the peristaltic pump, we can usually use white lubricating oil to maintain the peristaltic pump. The general maintenance cycle is once a week. Its operation steps are very simple:

1.First, open the handle. 

2.Then apply white lubricating oil on the peristaltic pump evenly.

3.Finally, close the handle to complete.

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Replacement

When the peristaltic pump tube on the machine is aging due to long-term use, it means that we need to replace it. The specific operation can refer to the following steps:

1. Open the handle first, and pull out the silicone tube from the feeding tube. Note that when pulling out, we need to press and lift the tube pressers on both sides first, and then pull out the silicone tube to avoid damaging the tube.

2. When replacing a new tube, we need to connect the silicone tube with the feeding tube first. It determines the reserved length for convenience. Then press and lift the tube presses on both sides, and insert the silicone tube.

3. Finally, lock the handle. It should be noted that if we do not use the machine for a long time, remember to open all the handles on the peristaltic pump, which can prolong the service life of the silicone tube.

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