How to maintain the cutter on the packaging machine?

How to maintain the cutter on the packaging machine?


As a professional packaging machinery manufacturer, All-bloom Intelligent has always treated customers in various fields with a professional attitude. The previous article talked about how to connect the conveyor and the feeding pump.

In this article, APM’GT will tell you about the daily maintenance tips of the machine cutter. The process of making packaging bags by the machine is feeding, measuring, blanking, coding, sealing, and cutting, and the cutter is used to cut the packaging film. The smoothness and aesthetics of the bag incision are related to the cutter. Therefore, it is very important for the daily maintenance of the cutter.

And its maintenance operation is not difficult. First, use an air gun to blow off the dirt on the cutter. Then spray food-grade lubricant on the cutter. Finally, run the cutter manually to let the lubricant seep in. For specific operations, please refer to the following video:

The cutter is a part that is easy to wear and tear. As long as we can take good care of it, we can prolong its service life and avoid some unnecessary failures. Of course, it is best to keep spare wearing parts in case of emergency the emergence of the situation.


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