How to replace the film of multi-lane stick pack packaging machine?

How to replace the film of multi-lane stick pack packaging machine?

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In the article “How to maintain and replace the peristaltic pump of the multi-lane liquid packing machine?”  we introduced how to maintain the peristaltic pump and replace the aging tube in the daily packaging production work. In this article, you will learn the operation steps of the new packaging film replacement of the multi-lane stick pack packing machine. Due to the different mechanical structures of the models, the steps of changing the film of the multi-lane stick pack packing machine are different from those introduced in the article “Installation of the film: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packing machine”.  The operation steps will be more complicated. Among them, the most obvious difference is the film width. The film of the multi-lane packaging machine is longer than that of the single-lane packaging machine.

If your film is about to run out, please do not rush to replace the film. Because the length of the film used is not necessarily the same as the length of the air shaft on the film mechanism. If the film is removed directly, the position of the new film may be different from the original position when installing the new film, which will affect the subsequent packaging process. Therefore, before taking away the old film, please remember to mark the position of the film on the air shaft with a pen.

How to remove the old film?

When the position is marked, you can take the old film away directly. How to do it? Follow the steps below.

1. First of all, tighten the screw of the film pressing shaft above to hold down the old film; (This step is to prepare for the subsequent connection of the new film)

2. Use a knife to cut the film along the groove of the film mechanism;

3. Deflate the inflatable shaft to ensure that there is enough space for the old film to be taken out;

4. Finally, loosen the support frame and take out the film.

How to replace a new film?

After removing the old film, we can start to install the new film!

1. First, put the new film through the expansion shaft, and install the support frame to ensure that the film will not fall;

2. After moving the film to the previously marked position, fill the air shaft to fix the film;

3. Thread the film into the roller shaft in turn. After completion, tighten the screw of the film pressing shaft below to press the new film;

4. Use a knife to scratch off the excess film along the groove of the film mechanism;

5. Pull out the tape next to it. Adhere to the old film and the new film. Glue from the middle, and then glue the film on both sides in turn. Then scratch off the excess tape and stick the excess on the film;

6. Loosen the lamination shaft, pull the film, and check whether the up and down movement of the film is smooth;

The operation steps of changing the film are not difficult. You can easily operate after you write down the formula of “First note, Second fixation, Third cut, Fourth connection”.

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