How to solve the filling failure of The Auger Filler Operation System ?

How to solve the filling failure of The Auger Filler Operation System ?

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We have mentioned how to install and debug The Auger Filler Operation System.So when the powder packaging machine fails during operation, how do you solve it? Generally, during the metering and filling process, you will encounter the following situations:

1. When cutting, the sound is too loud

This usually happens for three reasons. First, there is no material in the silo. You can add new materials into it; the second is that the auger is deformed, just adjust it back to its original state; the third is that the propeller is over-rotated. You can adjust the speed of the propeller.

2. When stirring, abnormal noise is emitted

When this happens, you can examine three sites. One is to see if the mixer is deformed and collided with the silo. If this is the situation, the blender needs to be adjusted immediately; instead, look to see if the sound is coming from the gear motor. If it is, it needs to repair or replace the gear motor; if there is no problem with the above two parts, then see if it is the noise of the chain, if so, adjust and correct it.

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3. When filling, a failure occurs
There are generally 4 reasons for failures to occur when filling. The first reason is that the fill servo motor is not working. We need to carry out relevant checks to see if the switch and power supply are damaged, the circuit is in poor contact, the controller is broken or the motor itself is broken. After confirming which part is damaged, carry out maintenance and repair; the second reason is that the PLC is broken, at this time, you can repair or replace the PLC; the third reason is that impurities in the material affect the operation of the auger. In this situation, you need to clean up the impurities; the fourth reason is that the material is too heavy and the motor of the servo motor is overloaded. If this is the case that causes the filling problem, then you can adjust the torque of the servo motor. If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the servo motor with a higher power.
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4. Filling all the time

If during filling, the auger keeps filling material even after reaching the required weight. First of all, you can check whether the pulse value is too large or the program is turbulent. If so, click reset on the touch screen. If not, check again if the servo controller is broken. If damaged, repair it immediately. If the above two situations do not appear, it is possible that the PLC is broken. At this time, you can replace it with a new PLC or send it to the manufacturer for repair.

5. The filling weight deviation is too large

If the deviation between the weights of the products packed in each bag is too large, first check to see if there are impurities in the material, and if so, clean it up immediately. If not, see if there is too little or too much material in the silo. If the above two situations are not the case, it is possible that the silo is not cleaned well, and there is material agglomeration.

If repairing The Auger Filler Operation System according to the above methods still does not solve the problem, then you can contact the sales manager of All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to apply for after-sales, and All-bloom will arrange after-sales personnel to solve the problem of the powder packing machine. All-bloom is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services.


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