How to solve the situation that the bag packaging is not tight

How to solve the situation that the bag packaging is not tight

GH240 packing machine

GH240 automatic small packing machine is suitable for the packaging production of products in various fields. It has the characteristics of compactness, flexibility, and stability. Before sending this machine to the customer’s factory, APM’GT usually debugs the machine first, so that customers can quickly enter production. However, in the process of long-term use, it is inevitable that due to various situations, the machine will fail during production, which will cause the bag to be not tightly sealed, wrong sides, air leakage, etc. At this time, what should we do?

Let’s analyze the reasons for this kind of situation. There are two common reasons. One is caused by insufficient machine temperature, and the other is caused by insufficient pressure. Then we can eliminate them one by one at this time, and then solve the problem. If it is a temperature problem, we can adjust the temperature of the sealing device to the required temperature through the temperature controller on the left side of the GH240 automatic small packing machine.

What if there is a problem with the pressure? You can pull out the film first, and close the seal through the solenoid valve. Then loosen the nut of the screw used to adjust the pressure on the heat sealer. Twist the screw to adjust the pressure of the sealing device. After the adjustment, you can run the machine to check whether the bag is sealed correctly. If it is not correct, continue to debug until there is no problem.

For specific operations, please refer to the following video:


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