Installation of the film: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packing machine

Installation of the film: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packing machine

Small packing machine

When the GH240 small packaging machine of the packaging equipment manufacturer All-bloom Packaging Machinery is delivered to the factory, you want to replace the new packaging film or the packaging film is used up. How to install the film?

In the previous article  “First time using: Installation and debugging of GH240 single-lane small packaging machine “, we can know that we can not operate the packaging machine until the temperature of the packaging machine rises. Then, to save time, we can replace the roll film while waiting for the temperature to rise.

Follow the steps below to install the roll film pull easily!

1. Take the frame film shaft off the GH240 small packaging machine and put it on the table;

APMGT pouch packing machine

2. Loosen the fixing screws on one side, take out the old film roll, insert the new film roll into the film shaft of the frame, tighten the fixing screws, and fix the film roll;

3. Return the roll film to the frame film mechanism of the pouch packaging machine;

4. According to the schematic diagram of the roll film drawn by the mechanical engineer of All-bloom Packaging machinery, corresponding to the corresponding number on the machine, thread the roll film in sequence.

Remember, before threading the film, we need to loosen the fixing screw of the roller under the film and tighten the screw after threading the film.

5. After threading the roll film in sequence, fold the head of the roll film in half and cut it into a triangle, then thread it into the former and pull the film roller. Note that when threading the film-pulling roller, you need to open the film-pulling roller through the black handle on the right, then thread the film, and then close the film-pulling roller.

6. After the roll film is installed, you need to click on the screen of the GH240 small packaging machine to manually seal it once. The pouch packaging machine can then be run automatically.

If after installing the roll film, it is found that there is a problem with the sealing of the bag. It is necessary to adjust the sealing and cutting knives and other components. How to adjust it? Welcome to pay attention to the technical tips column of All-bloom Packaging Machinery, and we will teach you in the next issue. You can also contact our staff for consultation. As a professional packaging equipment manufacturer with many years of experience in making packaging machines, All-bloom packaging Machinery is always at your service.


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