Mastering Your Packaging Needs: How to Choose the Right Vertical Packaging Machine for Your Enterprise

Mastering Your Packaging Needs: How to Choose the Right Vertical Packaging Machine for Your Enterprise

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As enterprises expand and increase production, selecting a suitable vertical packaging machine becomes increasingly critical. Choosing the right machine from a variety of brands and models can improve efficiency and reduce costs, so companies need to study and fully understand the vertical packaging machines they need.

When selecting a packaging machine, enterprises should consider the following factors:

Production Scale

Production scale is the primary consideration. The size of your business’s production scale will dictate the machine type and style you choose, so companies should purchase machines that match their production scale.

Product Type

Are your products particles, powders, or liquids? These product types have different physical properties and, therefore, require different handling methods and machine configurations.

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  • For particle products, companies need to select vertical packaging machines that are suitable for the particle size and shape. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of particle products, the company needs to evaluate accurately and purchase the appropriate packaging method and machine. Typically, vertical particle machines use measuring cups, electronic scales, and other measuring devices to pack particles accurately and efficiently.
  • Different liquid products can produce different viscosities during packaging, so companies need to select vertical packaging machines that suit the viscosity range of their liquid products. Choosing an appropriate capacity range and a liquid metering pump can prevent waste and ensure that the equipment meets the company’s production needs.
  • For powder products, companies need to consider the flowability and particle size of the powder. This can affect the filling efficiency and reliability of the machine. The company should choose suitable equipment based on the characteristics and particle size of the powder products.
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Package Weight

Package weight is also critical when choosing a machine. The machine’s capacity is usually limited by its designed load capacity. If the package exceeds the machine’s capacity range, it will trigger alarms or scrap the machine, wasting resources and time. Therefore, companies must carefully consider the machine’s capacity range before purchasing to ensure that it meets their production needs.

Bag Type And Bag Size

Bag type and size will affect the overall parameters and configuration requirements of the machine. For example, different bag types, such as back-sealed bags, side-sealed bags, shaped bags, continuous bags, footer bags, and heat-sealed four-sided bags, all require different machine models. The bag’s cutting form and size will also affect the machine’s configuration and the type of machine you choose.

Packaging Materials

Companies need to choose equipment that suits the packaging material’s type. Different materials may require other machines. The packaging material you use, such as paper or composite film, may influence the machine’s design and the technician’s tuning results.

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Customization Options

Business production processes and demand requirements may differ from competitors. Some companies may require additional customization options to meet their unique needs. Therefore, whether it is a pipeline configuration or a single machine use when selecting a machine, companies must weigh their manufacturing processes and production needs and choose suitable packaging customization solutions to ensure that they meet specific requirements and improve productivity. Popular customization options include adjustable length, multi-flex options, and custom interfaces/automation solutions.

Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of vertical packaging machines for production scale, product shape, packaging materials, and customization options will help companies make wise decisions when purchasing machines and improve production efficiency. If you have relevant customization needs, consider contacting our products at APMGT.


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