New Packaging Trend – Flexible Packaging

New Packaging Trend – Flexible Packaging

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At present, environmental issues receive widespread attention. Sustainability is already a buzzword, and consumers are paying more attention when shopping for products. A package should not only have a beautiful and creative design, but it should also be environmentally sustainable.

And flexible packaging, such as stand-up pouches, has gained widespread popularity over the past few years. It’s not just that companies have noticed that flexible packaging has good economics, it also has an eye-catching effect and is environmentally friendly. One of the environmental benefits is that flexible packaging is flat before filling and after emptying. A used package doesn’t take up space in the trash can, not even at the dump. Flexible packaging uses few raw materials and is lightweight, which has a positive environmental impact on the entire life cycle of the product.

Structure of flexible packaging

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General flexible packaging is composed of sealant, toughness, layer adhesion, barrier, and optics, up to 11 layers. The sealant of the first layer can withstand the thermal conduction of the contents. The second and sixth layers are used to increase the toughness of the package, improve the mechanical properties, allow the package to adapt to the various shapes of the contents, and prevent certain products. of wear and tear. The third and fifth layers are the adhesive layers surrounding the fourth layer. The fourth layer is the barrier layer, which blocks oxygen and water vapor, protects the contents from the outside world, and prolongs the shelf life. The seventh layer is the visual layer, which contains the necessary graphics and coatings.

The benefits of flexible packaging

1. Portability: light, easy to carry and eat at any time;

2. Ease of eating: It can be heated and eaten directly by microwave or water;

3. Re-sealing: Through the zipper or screw cap design, the package can be sealed and opened repeatedly;

4. Environmental protection: when discarded, it can be compressed to a small volume, reducing the amount of landfill;

5. Storage: Various anti-corruption methods such as modified atmosphere, vacuum, and high pressure can be applied to effectively reduce the number of preservatives used.

With the rapid development of society and technology, people’s demand for lightweight, ready-to-eat, and portable food packaging is increasing. They ask to save space and time, which is one of the factors that stimulate consumers to make purchases. So food manufacturers need to satisfy consumers’ desire for sustainable lifestyles by offering portable and quantitative packaging. The application of flexible packaging in food, daily necessities, and other industries is also becoming more and more popular.

bag packaging machine

At the same time, the demand for fully automatic bag-making packaging machines and fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machines is increasing. In response to this situation, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. ( APM’GT ) provides various types of packaging machines to meet the packaging needs of different products, including multi-line powder packaging machines, multi-line liquid packaging machines, multi-line granule packaging machines, and single-line packaging machines.


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