Non-Food Products

Non-Food Products

APM’GT multi-lane vertical packaging machine is hard enough and has good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for the metering and packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other items in the non-food industry, such as hardware parts, fertilizers, mouthwash, and desiccant.

In addition, we can also customize suitable packaging machines according to your product characteristics to package products of different shapes and specifications. APM’GT packaging machine has a high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, and can automatically complete functions such as measuring, filling, sealing, slitting, counting, and printing batch numbers.

Our non-food packaging machine can be used in the following projects:

  • Bag packaging for granular products, such as hardware parts and dryer
  • Bag packaging of powder products, such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • Bag packaging of liquid products, such as mouthwash, mask mud, shampoo, hair dye, and cream

How Was Bag Made?

You will learn how non-food products bags were produced from this video. If you want to know more packing machine details, please contact us.


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