Packaging Machinery for Single-dose Powder Products

Packaging Machinery for Single-dose Powder Products

Single-dose packaging machines are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to pack different products. These machines can pack liquid, paste, granular, and powder products, each with different characteristics. In this article, we will focus on the characteristics of single-dose powder products and the different types of packaging machines available.

Powdered products come in various forms, and their characteristics play a crucial role in determining the appropriate packaging method. The article focuses on the type of powdered products and highlights the importance of choosing the right packaging machine to achieve accurate and reliable dosing.

Factors like humidity, temperature, and product viscosity can impact the measurement method of the packaging machine, causing issues like agglomeration. Therefore, a specific technique is necessary to ensure precise dosing.

All bloom offers a range of single-dose packaging machines that cater to different production needs, adapting to various single-dose formats and required sizes. Our machines are designed for both stick packs and sachet packs, making it easier for businesses to package their powdered products according to their requirements.

Choosing the right packaging machine is essential for businesses as it can impact the quality and quantity of their products. Businesses can use the appropriate packaging machine to ensure consistent and accurate dosing, resulting in high-quality products that meet our customers’ expectations.

Types of Packaging Machine

All bloom single-dose packaging machines are designed to adapt to any type of single-dose format and required size, packaging stick packs, and sachet packs. The different models include:

  1. Multi-lane powder stick pack packaging machine: This machine can produce stick packs with different widths and lengths, ranging from 17mm to 50mm in width and 30mm to 200mm in length.


  1. Multi-lane powder 3-side sealing packaging machine: This machine can produce 3-side sealed sachet packs, ranging from 40mm to 140mm in width and 40mm to 200mm in length.


  1. Multi-lane powder 4-side sealing packaging machine: This machine can produce 4-side sealed sachet packs, ranging from 40mm to 120mm in width and 60mm to 160mm in length.

Metering Methods

According to the product characteristics, the packaging machine will be equipped with different metering methods. The metering methods include a long auger, a short auger, and a short auger with a cup. A long auger is used for products with high viscosity, while a short auger is used for products with low viscosity. A short auger with a cup is used for products with low dosing requirements, such as coffee and milk powder.

Testing and Simulation

To provide the best solution and assist in the packaging process, All-bloom conducts tests in the material testing room before shipment and performs packaging simulations for customers’ products. All-bloom is a specialist in single-dose vertical packaging machinery, manufacturing and supplying packaging machinery for different industries.

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