Pear Paste Stick Pack Bag—Automatic Paste Packing Machine

Pear Paste Stick Pack Bag—Automatic Paste Packing Machine

Automatic paste packaging equipment

According to some data, pear paste can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Tang Wuzong Li Yan always felt shortness of breath, dry mouth, and tongue, and they took a lot of medicines, but it didn’t work. After taking pear paste, he was fine. In fact, the pear is the primary material in pear paste. It can provide cough relief and is expectorant. However, it is not suitable for everyone, and you still need to read the precautions before eating.

And this pear paste can be automatically packaged by a paste packaging machine. For example, the sample bag in the picture is produced by the GH280BY machine of APM’GT Machinery. Due to the poor fluidity of the pear paste, it is easy to solidify. So this machine uses a piston pump to fill and fill the material. And the material barrel above the machine is added with a heating and insulation function to ensure that the pear paste can always be in a flowable state. Then the machine can fill smoothly. Multi-channel simultaneous measurement and bag-making greatly improve the production and packaging efficiency of the factory. There is also a high-sensitivity photoelectric eye device on the machine, which can automatically identify the color mark on the film, and ensure that the packaging pattern on the bag can be completely preserved.

APM’GT machines are famous for their safety, stability, and efficiency, and we have a professional after-sales team that is always at your service.

Multi-lane paste packaging machine
Multi-lane paste packaging equipment
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Back seal liquid packaging machine
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