Pharmaceutical powder – multi-lane powder packing machine

Pharmaceutical powder – multi-lane powder packing machine

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The product contained in the rounded corner back-sealing packing bag is medical powder from a pharmaceutical company customer. The dosage is 1-3g. The pattern is a diamond pattern, the bag size is 30*115mm, and the packaging material used is plated aluminum composite film.

The medical powder packaging bag is produced by the GH600BF multi-lane back-sealing powder packing machine newly developed by All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. this year. The customer ordered a 6-lane powder machine, and the material contact part and the frame part of the machine are 304 stainless steel to ensure that the pharmaceutical packing production process meets the production standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

This automatic medical powder packing machine customized for customers uses long auger feeding, which is more suitable for packaging materials with good fluidity and easy dust. Moreover, the equipped vacuum feeder enables the powder product to be transported to the packing machine in a closed environment and proceed to the next step. With high-quality parts and electrical configurations, the machine can operate more efficiently and stably. The processed bags not only meet customer standards but also look good and are not easy to leak.

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