Pieces-automatic multi-lane medicine granule packing machine

Pieces-automatic multi-lane medicine granule packing machine

medicine packaging machine

The back-sealed bag with a length of 25*102mm adopts a rounded cut, and the top and bottom seals are diamond-shaped. The packaged product is a 2g medicine granule. Made of a multi-lane back-sealed granule packing machine newly developed by APMGT packing machinery. The machine is equipped with an ultraviolet laser printer, which can also print effective information such as production batch number and production date on the bag through the laser while the machine is making bags. And the difference between this laser printer and the ribbon printer is that the printed information lasts longer and is not easy to be erased.

The configuration of the machine adopts well-known foreign brands such as Siemens, Omron, and Panasonic. Under high-speed working conditions, the operation is more stable and safe. The wires inside the electric box are protected with a cover to prevent electric shock accidents when the electrical equipment is overhauled. Use The color touch screen makes it more convenient for the workshop personnel to operate the machine. Just set the packaging parameters on the touch screen, and the various mechanisms of the machine will operate, and the machine can run normally. If a fault occurs, the fault location will also be displayed on the screen, which is convenient for the workshop personnel to quickly check and repair.

APM’GT has been committed to providing high-quality mechanical products for various fields around the world and helping them to move faster towards automated and intelligent packaging production.

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