Powder characteristics influence the type of packaging machine you choose

Powder characteristics influence the type of packaging machine you choose

The 2022-2027 powder filling equipment market forecast report by Mordor Intelligence that the powder filling equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 7% during 2021-2026. Due to the versatility of powder products, powder packaging machines are widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, personal care, and chemicals. Therefore, if you need to buy a powder packaging machine from All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(APM’GT), please let us know the characteristics of the powder products you need to pack. This includes the following three factors:

Flowability of powder products

The powder is composed of a large number of small granule matter. But according to research by Freeman Technology in the UK, the powder is not just granule. It is a unique material composed of three different substances: solid in the form of granule, water on the surface of the granule or inside the granule, and the air between the granule.

The powder can flow because of the uneven force on the particles in the powder. According to various studies, the fluidity of powders is related to factors such as particle size, shape, porosity, moisture content, and bulk density.

When the granules of a powder product are not sticky, we can say that it can flow freely, like granulated sugar or table salt. This type of product has no fixed shape and cannot be compacted if pressure is applied to it. Conversely, sticky powder products such as milk powder and coffee powder are considered non-free flowing. When we work with these products, they retain their original shape and can be compacted with pressure.

Determining whether your product is free-flow or non-free-flow is an important factor in formulating powder packaging solutions. We can see from the figure below that if the powder has poor fluidity, it is very easy to jam, resulting in the weight of the filled product not meeting the required standard. Therefore, the fluidity of the powder will affect which blanking and filling system is used for your product.

Bulk Density  
Bulk density refers to the mass of powder per unit volume measured under non-specified conditions. In a way, the bulk density of a powder product shows both the “flowability” of the powder and how well it can be compacted under pressure. Free-flowing products like salt have low bulk densities and generally don’t compress much if you compress it with something. While non-free-flowing viscous products like milk powder have a higher bulk density, it is easier to compress more powder when compacted.
So what is the relationship between bulk density and powder packaging machines? As an extreme example, we pack 30g of wet sand and coffee beans separately. Despite the weight of the two, the sand takes up less space and can compress more when packed, so we can pack in relatively small size bags. And coffee beans take up more space and simply can’t compress much, so we need a bigger bag for it. This is why bulk density should also be considered when choosing a powder packaging machine. It directly affects the size and properties of the bag, the type of filling product required, and the packing speed that can be achieved.
Is it easy to dust?
We all know that products like flour are particularly prone to dusting. It can travel a long way and stick to the surface of things. Therefore, if you don’t take this into account when buying a powder packaging machine, it will easily lead to an unsanitary environment in the factory and affect the operation of the packaging machine when it is produced.
Therefore, the powder products you need to pack are prone to dust, we will recommend you to match other equipment, such as adding dust covers, vacuum feeders, etc.
Given the above points, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (APM’GT) has various types of powder packaging machineso adapt to the relevant product characteristics. If you want to know which type is more suitable for you, please contact the staff.


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