GH500S Multi Lane Irregular Shape Sachet Liquid Packing Machine

Speed:Max.20-40 cycle/min
Bag size:L:50-170mm;W:40-105mm
Delivery date:30-45 days

APM’GT’s multi lane irregular-shaped bag liquid packaging machine GH500S is the answer to the need for attractive and unique packaging design. GH500S produces four sides sealing irregular shape sachets. Design is very important to any customer, and the packaging machine is the answer to this problem. New displays of established branded products and newly created products can increase sales because everything around the content creates appetites and desires that help sales.

  1. Less abrasion, high efficiency, and long service life;
  2. The whole contact parts between the liquid pouch packing machine and the liquid use 304 stainless steel. What’s more, this machine meets the food and drug sanitation license standards;
  3. Servo film pulling system and color sensor ensure accurate positioning and perfect operation;
  4. Multiple automatic alarm protection to minimize losses;
  5. The external membrane system makes it easier to set up.



Lane number


Filling method

1. Piston pump; 2.Peristaltic pump; 3.Ceramic pump; 4.Rotary pump


Max.20-40 cycle/min

Bag size


Film width & Thickness

Max.500mm; 0.07-0.10mm

Sealing type

4 side sealing irregular shape sachet


220V/380V 50HZ; 0.8Mpa ,0.8m³/min; 3kw


1600*1300*2000mm; 600kg


Shampoo,Conditioner, Hair mask     Ketchup,Sauce, Oil


Skin care products,Mouthwash              Drink,Jelly

-Suit to liquid or paste product: shampoo, mask mud, cream, ketchup, jelly, sauce, oil, energy drink, mouthwash etc.

  • Chain-bag capability
  • Heating, stirring and heat preservation device
  • Automatic correction
  • No membrane alarm
  • Automatic cleaning and drainage function
  • Light strip
  • Bag opening device
  • Ultraviolet sterilization device
  • Static elimination device
  • Tear  notch
  • Laser coding machine, inkjet printer
  • Integration with a variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators, checkweigher and turntable
  • In-feed and take-away conveyors


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