Multi Lane Granule Packing Machine And Boxing Automatic System

Speed:30-60 Box/min
Box size : L:90-200mm,W:70-150mm,H:20-50mm(Can be Customized)

The granule packing production line consists of the multi lane granule packing machine, the material sorting device and the boxing machine. It can also be equipped with a laser coding machine or a ribbon coding machine to print the production date and other content. And it is suitable for almost all boxing machines for multi-bag granule products, such as tea bags, coffee bags, and other bagged products.

  1. Easy for installation and operation;
  2. The machine body to PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface operation panel, automatically achieve bag packaging, packaging into the box, box, and other processes;
  3. It has a powerful self-checking function program, imported detection electric eye, automatic alarm, and shutdown function when there is no material shortage, which saves enterprise production costs, avoids unqualified products, and improves production efficiency;
  4. It can automatic memory parameter setting function, parameterized control production, simple operation, and labor-saving.

5.The boxing machine has the functions of automatically sucking the box, setting the box shape, pushing the product into the box, folding and sealing box, etc.

6.Servo push material, photo-eye detection, no box without material, can avoid empty box and avoid waste

7.Open design, convenient for back-end docking with various other packaging equipment




30-60 boxes/min

 (Depend on the box size, product type and box thickness)

Box size

L:90-200mm;W:70-150mm; H:20-50mm (Can be customized)

Paper type

250-400g/² (Boxes need come with pre-folded over)

Box type

Gusseted tongue type; Glue spray type

Count way

Fixed number type; Numerable type; Manipulator counting

Boxing way

Ordely type; Unorderly type

Air & Powder

0.5-0.8Mpa; 0.3m³/min; 220V 50/60HZ; 2.0KW

Work flow

Box open-Bag packing -Check weigher- Counting – Boxing -Fold ears- Fold page – Gusseted tongue/ Glue spray – Finish


    Snack Food     Coffee&Tea,Solid beverage          Pet Food                 Candy        


  Non-Food Products     Beans & Rice        Spices,Salt&Sugar       All kinds of drugs

-Suit to granule product: Snack Food, Seeds, Nuts, Coffee (granules/ beans), Tea, Sugar, Bakery Products, Candies, Rice, Spices, Pasta, Pet Food etc. instant coffee ,solid beverage, Chinese medicine granule, etc. Other: Non Food. Such as: Medium Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Electrical and Plumbing Parts, Washing Powder, Plastic granules etc.

  • Chain-bag capability
  • Heating, stirring and heat preservation device
  • Automatic correction
  • No membrane alarm
  • Automatic cleaning and drainage function
  • Light strip
  • Bag opening device
  • Ultraviolet sterilization device
  • Static elimination device
  • Tear  notch
  • Laser coding machine, inkjet printer
  • Integration with a variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators, checkweigher and turntable
  • In-feed and take-away conveyors


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