Seasoning powder three-side sealing packaging-automatic powder sachet packaging production line

Seasoning powder three-side sealing packaging-automatic powder sachet packaging production line

sachet packaging machine

The product packaged in this sachet is seasoning powder. Its edge sealing form is three-sided sealing, and the incision form is zigzag cutting. This type of incision is equivalent to the function of easy tearing so that consumers can quickly tear open the upper and lower seals of the sachet.

Equipment parameters:

  • Number of lanes: Single
  • Packaging products: Powder
  • Metering method: Auger
  • Packing speed: 50 bags/min
  • Bag size: L50-200mm, W40-150mm
  • Film width: Max.320mm

And the three-side sealing sachet packaging is manufactured by an automatic seasoning powder packaging machine. This powder packaging machine belongs to the GH320 single-lane small packaging series products of APMGT PACKAGING MACHINERY with high production efficiency and fast and accurate feeding. To increase the production capacity, the customer specially customized a powder packaging production line – 5 sets of GH320F three-side sealing powder packaging machines, with a set of automatic feeding systems. The feeding system can meet the needs of 5 sets of seasoning powder packaging equipment for centralized feeding.

powder packaging production line

Sample bag production process in this video:

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