Shipment Record of automatic bean VFFS vertical packing machine

Shipment Record of automatic bean VFFS vertical packing machine

Soybean packing machine

All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully sent the automatic VFFS packing machine suitable for large-particle products to foreign countries. The device comprises a GH820B Basic VFFS packing machine, 2 heads linear weigher, a linear weigher platform, a Z-type bucket elevator, and a finished product conveyor. For packing 5500g and 1000g of soybeans, lentils, and other pulse products.

This GH820B model machine has a novel and beautiful appearance design, and a more reasonable and compact structure. While making bags, it can also print the required production information through the ribbon printer.

Granule VFFS packing machine
About the machine:


BAG STYLE: Pillow bag with zigzag cutting

BAG SIZE: L600mm*W400mm;L120mm*W80mm

POWER: 380V;50HZ

During the production process, you only need to click the relevant button on the color touch screen to operate the machine. And this packing machine also adds an exhaust device, which can discharge excess air out of the bag while making the bag. To allow customers to better to use the machine, the All-bloom packing machine can also arrange on-site installation training, and teach the workshop employees how to use the machine.

automatic vertical packing machine
automatic VFFS packaging machine


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