The Composition Of The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine

The Composition Of The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine

As one of the essential packaging machines in the packaging process, the composition of the multi-lane stick bag packaging machine refers to the number of lanes in the device and other technical parameters. The following is some of the most basic information about multi-lane stick bag packaging machines, which will help you make an informed choice when selecting this equipment.

Frame Material

Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine can be selected according to customer requirements. 304/316 stainless steel is the most common frame material, and as the standard thickness of stainless steel is about 1.2mm, the frame weight may be lighter than that of aluminum or carbon steel. Besides, 304/316 stainless steel has a high degree of resistance to corrosion. The machine adopts automatic cutting and welding technology. There are many advantages to this kind of production line.

Weighing and filling system

Liquid: Typically, purchasing liquid filling equipment and selecting a metering system go hand in hand. Today, we’ll look at several different pump options: Pump types include piston, peristaltic, ceramic, and rotatory.

1.The piston pump performs liquid metering and filling through multiple back and forth reciprocating movements

2. Peristaltic pumps are appropriate for use with corrosive and viscous fluids since the tubing is the only element of the pump that comes into contact with the fluid. The pumps are generally affordable to operate and nearly maintenance-free since the tubing or the head are simply replaceable.

3. They are an integral component of the process system in high-production dispensing situations. Because ceramic is chemically inert and biocompatible, ceramic filling pumps are ideal for dosing small and medium amounts of sterile liquids.

4. Rotary pumps are a form of positive displacement pump that moves a set volume of fluid with each rotation. These self-priming pumps give nearly constant supplied capacity regardless of pressure.

Powder: Fine powders are sometimes difficult to work with since they tend to create clumps that break up when operated. Because coarse granules do not dissolve fast, they are easier to use.

1. A long auger is appropriate for powders with high fluidity, powder that is simple to elevate, and huge dust.

2. A short auger is appropriate for powder with a high sugar content or that is easy to agglomerate when heated, has good fluidity, and is not dusty.

Particles: The appropriate metering system can be selected according to physical properties such as particle size. For example, you can measure granular materials using volumetric cups and scales.

Packing Machine And Boxing Automatic System

Horizontal and vertical sealing parts

A multi-lane packaging machine can be composed of a horizontal sealing part, a vertical sealing part, an operator cabin, and so on. Different functions will have different combinations. Some machines may only need to install one set of horizontal sealing parts, while others may need to install two stages of the same type or two groups of different types.

Cutter part

Responsible for cutting the already sealed packaging roll film into a separate bag. Sometimes the horizontal sealing part and the cutter part are in the same position, and they have been sealed when they are cut.

Backend configuration

These devices are coupled to the back of the multi-lane packaging machine and may do boxing, cartoning, product screening, and other tasks.Metal detector, boxing machine, pillow packing machine, container loader, and so on. They can be joined to form a packing line.

Finished product

Once your packing has been completed, the finished products will be conveyed through a specially designed conveyor belt. These belts are typically fitted with safety features such as sensors or protective barriers to prevent accidents during transportation.

Check weigher system

With this system, all the weight information related to each packet of goods will be recorded and saved automatically. The result would then be calculated according to the preset standard weight and corresponding price level.

Laser printer

An integral part of the packaging process is creating labels. For this, it is necessary to use a laser printer with thermal printing technology so that the labeling material does not get spoiled during printing.

Electrical part

It must have the proper voltage of 220 volts or 380 volts.

Pneumatic system

The pneumatics often called the pneu system, comprises an input line and an output line. These two lines are connected with a vacuum pump or fan and valves. These valves regulate the flow of air or compressed air being moved from one part of the system to another.

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