The Composition Of The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine

The Composition Of The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine

The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine

The multi-lane stick bag packaging machine is ideal for industries that produce over 100,000 bags a day.

The multi-lane stick bag packaging machine is composed of the main frame, a set of columns, a motor, and a drive circuit. The main frame is the foundation for the whole machine.

The main body adopts a steel structure and has a high-strength design. The whole machine can produce various kinds of bags with different thicknesses.

This article will briefly explain the Composition Of The multi-lane Bag Packaging Machine.

Composition Of The Multi-lane Stick Bag Packaging Machine:

The multi-lane stick bag packaging machine is composed of the following parts:

Frame Material:

The main frame of the multi-lane pack packaging machine structure can be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel or other material for flexibility & strength and manufacturing according to customer requirements.

The main frame can also be equipped with damping devices, bearings, etc., according to the requirements of customers and applicable standards.

Stainless steel is a high-grade material, it can meet customers’ requirements for product, package, and use. The material handles all kinds of packaging machines. It is also easy to operate and maintain.

Weighing and Filling System:

The weighing and filling system is a critical component in the production process. It is used to control the weight of each product, based on the amount of material in it, as well as to determine its volume.

Weighing and filling systems consist of four different types of weighing technology. These are liquid, solid, powder, and particles.

  1. Piston Pump;
  2. Peristaltic pump;
  3. Ceramic pump;
  4. Rotary pump
  1. Long auger;
  2. Short auger;
  3. Short auger with cup
  1. Volumetric cup;
  2. Electronic scale weigher


The former is also an essential part of the multi-lane stick bag packaging machine. It is used to shape various products and lines of different sizes.

Horizontal and Vertical Sealing Parts:

The sealing part of a multi-lane stick bag packaging machine is responsible for closing the packages. The horizontal seal is the upper and lower parts of the bag, and the vertical seal is made up of left and right parts or the back of the bag.

Cutter Part:

It is used for cutting the film into small pieces quickly and easily, so it can save a lot of time and energy.

Backend Configuration:

This includes everything from a finished product conveyor belt, Check weigher, and Laser printer to a boxing machine, heat shrinking machine, container loader, and more!

Our Backend system is entirely modular, allowing us to scale our solutions as we grow by adding more components as part of our on-demand subscription model.

Other Parts:

  • Electrical part;
  • Pneumatic system;
  • Film device

The Takeaway:

To meet the specific requirements of customers, APM’GT can be designed according to customer needs. APM’GT has a professional team of engineers. APM’GT will help you choose the most suitable packaging machine for your product according to your requirements.


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