The difference between Multi-lane Packaging Machine and Single-lane Packaging Machine

The difference between Multi-lane Packaging Machine and Single-lane Packaging Machine

The packaging industry has seen significant advancements in recent years, with various types of packaging machines available to cater to different needs. Among these, multi-lane packaging machines and single-lane packaging machines are commonly used for liquid and sauce packaging. While they share some common features, they also have fundamental differences that set them apart.

Similar Features:

Both multi-lane and single-lane Packagingmaschinen share some similarities in their features. These include

  • Easy to operate

Packaging parameters that can be set directly on the screen, making it convenient for operators to adjust settings according to their requirements.

  • Easy to clean

Ensuring hygiene standards are maintained in the packaging process.

  • Different filling methods can be selected according to product characteristics

Features of Single-Lane Liquid and Sauce Packaging Machine:

  1. Suitable for small-scale factories, start-ups
  2. Compared with multi-lane liquid and sauce packaging machine is smaller in size and lower in price

Features of Multi-Lane Liquid and Sauce Packaging Machine:

1. High productivity and efficiency

On the other hand, multi-lane liquid and sauce packaging machines are known for their high productivity and efficiency. These machines are capable of multi-lane bag making at the same time, with options to choose from 2-18 lanes, depending on the specific requirements. This results in higher production output and faster packaging speed, making them suitable for large-scale operations.

2. More stable performance and higher precision

One of the key advantages of multi-lane machines is their more stable performance and higher precision. Multi-lane liquid and sauce packaging machines often use independent servo motors to control the metering of each lane, which ensures accurate filling and packaging. In contrast, single-lane machines typically use stepper motor control, which may have lower precision in some cases.


3. Save space and cost

Another significant advantage of multi-lane machines is that they save space and cost. One multi-lane machine can replace multiple single-lane machines, leading to reduced electricity and labor costs. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses with high production volumes.

4. Increase UV lamp disinfection

In terms of hygiene, multi-lane machines also offer the option to add UV lamp disinfection, making them safer and more hygienic for packaging perishable liquids and sauces.

5.The layered hopper can be customized, with heating and stirring function

 Multi-lane machines can be customized with a layered hopper that has a heating and stirring function. This allows for the simultaneous weighing and filling of various liquids and sauce materials while preventing them from cooling and solidifying, which could affect the packaging process.

So, the choice between the two types of machines depends on the specific needs, budget, and production requirements of a business.

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