Understand the classification and advantages of advanced packaging machine

Understand the classification and advantages of advanced packaging machine

drug packaging machine

With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, drug packaging has become an indispensable and critical part of the pharmaceutical process. Among them, drug packaging machine is the most important link in the production line, and its design, quality, and reliability have a crucial impact on the success of the entire production process. This article will introduce the types and advantages of drug packaging equipment to help you better understand how drug packaging machine can improve production efficiency and quality.

Type 1: Drug Filling Machine 

Drug filling machine is mainly used for filling and sealing drugs, and ensures no external contamination during this process. According to the different requirements of products, especially in the case of higher-viscosity drugs, drug-filling equipment can select different filling heads. In addition to improving production efficiency and reducing waste, drug-filling machine also brings higher safety and hygiene standards to the drug production process.

Drug Filling Machine

Advantages of drug filling machine:

  • It can flexibly adapt to different filling viscosity requirements.
  • It can protect the hygienic environment during the filling process.
  • It can improve production efficiency.

Type 2: Drug Bubble Cap Packaging machine 

This type of equipment is suitable for packaging sugar-coated tablets, capsules, and other drugs. It can prevent contamination and optimize the shelf life of drugs.

Drug Bubble Cap Packaging machine

Advantages of drug bubble cap packaging machine:

  • It can achieve good sealing effects.
  • It can optimize the shelf life of drugs.
  • It can prevent drug contamination.

Type 3: Automatic Small Bag Packaging Equipment

With the improvement of industrial automation level, more and more drug packaging adopts the form of small bag packaging. This equipment can automatically complete the processes of feeding, bag making, printing, etc., which greatly reduces labor costs for production workers, and also improves production efficiency and the quality of drugs.

Automatic Small Bag Packaging Equipment

Advantages of automatic small bag packaging equipment:

  • It can save labor costs significantly.
  • It can improve production efficiency.
  • It can optimize drug quality.

Type 4: Drug Labeling Machine

Drug labeling machine can automatically paste drug labels on the bottle in the last step of the drug packaging process, ensuring that the labels are pasted flat and making the production process more intelligent and efficient.

Advantages of drug labeling machine:

  • It can automate the labeling process.
  • It can ensure that the label is accurately and correctly pasted on the bottle.
  • It can save a lot of labor costs for pharmaceutical companies.

Drug packaging machine can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure drug quality and hygiene standards. Different types of drug packaging machine have their advantages, and pharmaceutical companies should choose the most suitable equipment type according to the characteristics of the product and their actual situation. We hope that this article can help you understand the advantages of different types of drug packaging equipment and choose the machine that suits you best. Contact us to learn more about automatic small bag packaging equipment.


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