What Are The Multi-lane Packaging Machine You Can Choose From?

What Are The Multi-lane Packaging Machine You Can Choose From?

When you are looking for packing machines, you need to know what the different types of packing machines are and how they work. You also need to know what their advantages and disadvantages are so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

A multi-lane packaging machine is a type of machine that uses multiple lanes to create a product in one operation. These packing machines can be used for many different types of products, For example, bagged items, which are often used in food, health products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily chemicals and other industries

Below we have briefly explained the different types of multi-lane packaging machines you can choose from:

By Product Type:
According to the product type, multi-lane packaging machine can be divided into the following three models:

1. Multi-Lane Powder Packaging Machine

The multi-lane powder packaging machine is the new powder filling and packing machine generation. The multi-lane powder packaging machine can be used to fill and pack a variety of specialty powders, such as dry powder and spices.

Metering Method:Auger

Scope of Application: Suitable for powder products, such as collagen powder, flour, nutritional powder, coffee powder, spices, etc.

2. Multi-Lane Granule Packaging Machine

The Multi-Lane Granule Packaging Machine is used to package granules and pellets. The machine can be designed according to the customer’s requirements and specifications.  It adopts advanced technology and has excellent performance.

Measurement Method: Volumetric cup or Weigher

Scope of Application: Suitable for granular products, such as sugar,MSG, instant coffee, solid beverages, millet, seeds, etc.

3. Multi-Lane Liquid Packaging Machine

Multi-lane liquid packaging machines can be used to make a variety of liquid packaging bags with different printing layers and thicknesses.

Metering Method: Piston pump, Peristaltic Pump; Ceramic pump, Rotary pump

Scope of Application: suitable for liquid products, such as ketchup, jelly, fruit juice, wine, honey, soy sauce, peanut butter, shampoo, etc.

By Bag Style:

According to the bag style, multi-column packing machines can be divided into the following three models

1. Multi-Lane Back Sealing/Stick Pack Packaging Machine

The multi-lane back sealing packaging machines and stick pack packaging machines can be used in various applications where the products need to be sealed or stuck together.

Bag Form: Suitable for bags in back seal/Stick pack

Applicable Product Range: Powder, liquid, and granular products can be packaged

2. Multi-Lane Sachet Packaging Machine

The Multi-Lane Sachet Packaging Machine  can generally be divided into multi-lane four-side sealing packaging machines and multi-lane three-side sealing packaging machines.It is used to pack the liquids, powders and granules into the sachet using a multi-lane conveyor. The machine has a high output rate and is capable of packing thousands of bags in a day.

Bag Form: Four-side seal or three-side seal bag

Applicable Product Range: Powder, liquid, and granular products can be packaged

3. Multi-Lane Irregular Sachet Packaging Machine

The Multi-Lane Irregular Sachet Packaging Machine is an attractive and unique way to package sachets. It produces four sides of irregular shape, sealing the sachets.

Bag Form: Suitable for oddly shaped bags

Applicable Product Range: Mainly liquid

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