What is the fastest packing speed?

The answer to this question cannot be generalized. Generally, the speed of a packaging machine is expressed in bags per minute (BPM), which is how many bags can be packed per minute. When packing, we will also calculate the maximum number of bags per minute.

One of the most important considerations to know when choosing automated packaging equipment is the speed of the packaging machine. You may think calculating packing speed is a simple matter, but the actual production speed is affected by many factors, such as your product characteristics, bag size, and style, working environment, the skill level of your technicians, etc. These will affect the actual packaging speed.

Packaging speed has a large impact on the size, cost, and configuration of the packaging machine. Packing speed requirements that are too slow or too fast can result in excessive production costs and failure to meet your production goals. In response to this situation, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (APM’GT). has different models and different speeds to adapt to different speed requirements. And support you to mail the packaged products to test the machine.
Therefore, the best way to know the actual packaging speed is to mail us a sample of the packaging film/product for testing. If you need to test materials, please contact us.


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