What is VFFS?

What is VFFS?

VFFS packaging machine

The full name of VFFS is Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine, which is an automatic assembly-line product packaging system invented by Walter Zwoyer. Walter patented the machine idea in 1936 while working at Henry Heide Candy Company.

Currently, VFFS is divided into the following two models:

  • Small bag packaging machine: the model of packaging machine suitable for packaging products below 100g ;
  • Suitable for packaging machine models of 100g-1000g;

How does the VFFS packaging machine work?

Its working principle is very simple. It realizes a series of packaging functions such as measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and finished product conveying through PLC. In short, the operation of a packaging machine requires a “brain” to tell it what to do next, when to do it, and how to do it. The PLC and human-machine interface (HMI) play this role. The PLC controls the functional operation of the packaging machine. The human-machine interface – by clicking on the color touch screen, the operator can adjust the parameters, manually operate the machine action, etc.

When the machine is running, it will first unload and weigh the product. When the weight specified by the system is reached, the feeding system will automatically stop, and then the next packaging instruction will be carried out. For example, a roll of film is made into a bag in the form of a plastic bag, a stand-up bag, etc. And the product is filled into the bag, which is then sealed and cut. Then the finished bags are transported via the finished product conveyor belt to end-of-line equipment such as check weigher, cartooning machine and boxing machine, etc.

And if you need to print the production data, we can be equipped with coding equipment, such as ribbon coding machine and laser printer. The machines of All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (APM’GT) can also be equipped with an empty bag detection device to reject unqualified bags.

The feature of the VFFS packaging machine is that it is economical, fast, and can save space. Granule, liquid, and powder products can be packaged with this packaging machine. According to different products, the types of packaging machines are divided into:

granule VFFS packaging machine
liquid VFFS packaging machine
  • Automatic powder packaging machine
  • Automatic granule Packing machine
  • Automatic liquid packing machine

According to different product characteristics, the measurement system of the VFFS packaging machine will also be different. E.g:

  • Granular products – Volumetric cup, multi-heads combination weigher, multi-heads linear weigher, etc.
  • Liquid products – piston pump, peristaltic pump, ceramic pump, rotary pump, etc.
  • Powder products – Auger
VFFS packaging machine
VFFS packaging machine

In summation, this is a simple and efficient packaging machine that can pack a wide variety of products and serve multiple industries. This type of packaging machine has a variety of configurations, and different bag sizes/styles have corresponding machine types to choose from. For specific models, please refer to the basic VFFS Packing Machine of All-bloom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd(APM’GT).


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