Zhongshan, China – automatic tomato sauce sachet packing equipment

Zhongshan, China – automatic tomato sauce sachet packing equipment

Automatic packing machine

As a professional automatic packing machine manufacturer in Guangzhou, All-bloom Intelligent Equipment has the honor to reach a cooperation with a sauce manufacturer in Zhongshan, China in 2022. We have customized 3 sets of automatic tomato sauce sachet packing equipment for the sauce manufacturer. During the negotiation process, we determined the customer’s demand and production capacity, and repeatedly contacted the customer’s factory to determine the production plan and demand.

Make sure that the bags produced by the packaging equipment meet the requirements, look beautiful and elegant, and are tightly sealed so that the products in the bags will not leak. And in terms of production capacity, high-efficiency production can be achieved to achieve the customer’s production goals.

Automatic packing machine

Liquid sachet packing machine

APMGT packing machine

Finally, the equipment was delivered to the customer’s factory smoothly and on time. And after the equipment arrived at the customer’s factory, we quickly arranged for the after-sales personnel to conduct the first installation and commissioning training. Customers are very satisfied with our after-sales service and equipment quality. All-bloom Intelligent Equipment is committed to producing the best fully automatic packaging equipment for customers and escorting their production.

About the machine:


SPEED: 25-35 bags/min/lane


WEIGHT: 450kg

POWDER & AIR: 380V 50HZ; 0.8Mpa 0.8m³/min


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